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Class Findings Modifier Fact Sheet


  • Q7: One class A finding
  • Q8: Two class B findings
  • Q9: One class B and two class C findings

Appropriate Usage:

  • With foot care (podiatry) codes to indicate covered foot care

Inappropriate Usage:

  • On any code not related to foot care
  • When the foot care is for routine care, and not medically necessary

Class Findings

Class A findings

  • Non traumatic amputation of foot or integral skeletal portion thereof

Class B Findings

  • Absent posterior tibial pulse;
  • Advanced trophic changes as: hair growth (decrease or absence) nail changes (thickening) pigmentary changes (discoloration) skin texture (thin, shiny) skin color (rubor or redness) (Three required); and
  • Absent dorsalis pedis pulse

Class C findings

  • Claudication
  • Temperature changes (e.g., cold feet)
  • Edema
  • Paresthesias (abnormal spontaneous sensations in the feet) Burning


  • Class Findings: Podiatry findings used to determine routine foot car
  • e

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