$ Go with Electronic Funds Transfer $

$ Go with Electronic Funds Transfer $

The decision to be paid via EFT means Medicare will send payments directly to your Financial Institution and are available in your account the next business day! There is no cost with the EFT option, it eliminates the risk of Medicare checks being lost or stolen in the mail, and it ensures continuity of payment in the event of a natural disaster. Visit our Helpful Hints to Complete the CMS-588 Form page and complete the CMS-588.


CMS Secure Net Access Portal (C-SNAP) Attachments

CMS Secure Net Access Portal (C-SNAP) Attachments

It's here! You can now submit medical documentation through C-SNAP for your Medical Review Probes and Medical Review Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs). At this time, this feature is not available for Appeals.




C-SNAP is currently not available. We are working to get this corrected, however do not have an estimated time on when it will be back online. In the meantime, our IVR is available to obtain claim status, patient eligibility and more. We apologize for the inconvenience.


2015 Fee Schedules

2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)

WPS Medicare has posted the 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedules to our website. You can now access the 2015 fee schedules from the Current Year Fee Schedules web page.


Electronic Payments C-SNAP Attachments C-SNAP Down 2015 Fee Schedules

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Stop refunding money, WPS Medicare is dedicated to helping you receive correct payments and avoid errors that are identified by the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) contractor.


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Enroll in Medicare, change your enrollment information, add a reassignment of benefits, or revalidate your enrollment using Internet-based PECOS.

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